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Starzzy Sims Magazine Article

Unfortunately the tabloid magazines have finally gotten to our lovely Anais, heres an article from them.

"Anais Cambridge: Homewrecker?
by Patty Simfeild for Starzzy Sims Magazine

Yes, you read it correct, so why has this rising model been given the horrendous name? well, cameras have spotted her time after time leaving her apartment with a man by the name of Daniel Pleasant, who is 40, nearly half the age of Ms. Cambridge, 20. The two were seen in a jacuzzi making out and cuddling. "I know for sure the man is married with kids" says a witness, "Although the two did seem to be deeply in love, they kissed, cuddled, and he even gave her massages". The man was also seen carrying Cambridge out of the jacuzzi and into her apartment.

Loud as a jungle?
Apparently neighbors have heard moaning coming from Ms. Cambridges apartment as well. "He leaves after a couple of hours, and then two hours later he is back" claims another witness who also says to have witnessed Cambridge kissing Pleasant goodbye in nothing but Lingerie in a back entrance of her apartment. So their relationship seems to be escalating, so what will happen next?

He Has a family
Daniel Pleasant, is not only twenty years older than Cambridge, but he also has a wife and two teenage daughters, so how will this impact his family? "This relationship [with Anais] has been going on for a while now, and it seems pretty serious" says a friend of the family. "He's dones this before though, he nearly got a divorce, but hes staying for the kids". Anais's publicist was contacted, and boldy stated "No Comment". No further news about this issue has been heard yet."
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