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Anais Speaks on Rumors

Anais speaks about the recent rumors going around about her in "Todays Sims". Apparently this article wasn't going to be printed so, it's only available through the site.

"Anais Speaks on Rumors
by Lynn Sqew

After the recent rumors going out about Anais Cambridge, she felt the need to speak out about it, so she spoke with us on the issues. Rumors that Anais had been having an affair with a married 40 year-old man, hit news stands at the beginning of the month. We spoke with Anais to find out the facts.

Today Sims: So The rumors, before we get into anything, how do you feel about what has been in the media?
Anais Cambridge: I'm really upset, to be honest, I am extremely angry that my personal life is being invaded.

TS: So is it true that you are having an affair with this married man?
AC: If you mean, are we dating, than yes, we are

TS: How long have you been dating him?
AC: Daniel and I have been dating for a year, and a month

TS: Did you know that he was married?
AC: Not at first, I had no idea, until our relationship became very serious, I had no clue

TS: How did you feel when you found out?
AC: I was very upset, I of course wanted to leave him immediately, but he loved me, and told me that he was heading for a divorce.

TS: How did you feel when you found out he wasn't getting one?
AC: I was really upset, but I loved him, he told me he was only staying for the kids, and I told him I couldn't do it anymore, not unless he ended [the marriage] with her.

TS: So is he going to end it?
AC: I'd rather not discuss that, it's very personal.

TS: So how did you meet him?
AC: We met at a club, he was there with a friend, as was I, and he saw me and asked me to dance, at first I turned him down, but he seemed so sweet that I did dance with him, and we ended up dancing the whole night, and after we went back to my apartment and talked all night.

TS: Did anything else happen that night?

TS: So after that night, how did you all stay in contact?
AC: He would call me, or we would email each other, sometimes he would come over and spend the entire day with me, just relaxing, or we would go dancing.

TS: Rumors have said you two have been spotted making out in your jacuzzi, and that you've been seen kissing him goodbye in your backdoor in nothing but lingerie, is this true?
AC: Um, yes, we were in the jacuzzi, but I would never go outside in lingerie...

TS: So why do you love him?
AC: Why does anyone love a person? because he is sweet generous and kind, he is a real man, and treats me like a woman.

TS: Does that fact that he cheated in the past bother you?
AC: The past is the past

TS: How do you feel about the fact that your 21 and he is 40?
AC: Age is really just a number, it does not bother me, I know what I'm doing, and he does too, we are in a serious relationship and that is all that matters to me.

TS: How do you feel your career will be jeopardized due to this news?
AC: My family and friends know the real me, and let's hope that my fans do to, my personal life has NOTHING to do with my career, and this is why I agreed to do this interview and open up about it.

TS: So what is in the future for you two?
AC: I'm living life now, not for the future, I will just have to wait and see"
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