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Anais Cambridge: Sim Teen Article & Photoshoot

Anais Cambridge answered a few questions for Sim Teen as well as posed in a photoshoot.


Pictures from the shoot:

Sim Teen article:

"Anais Cambridge is the name on every designers list of models to walk in their runnway show, but Anais is not just a model, shes a average person too! Heres some questions Anais answered for Sim Teen:

Name: Anais Cambrige
Age: 20
Current Location: Pleastanview, USA
How Long have you been modeling: 2 years, going on three
Family: Mom, dad, Younger sister Meg
Favorite color: Can't pick just one, I love them all
What was your favorite subject in school: Science, If I hadn't began modeling I was going to go to school to become a scientist, it facinated me
Hobbies (Besides Modeling, lol): reading, catching up with family and friends, working out (jogging), napping, watching tv
Other talents?: I can play the flute :)
single? Dating? waiting? Marriage?: I'm single, but I'm dating; I'm not thinking about marriage right now though, I'm still way too young to marry, but I will date, I like to see whats out there
Favorite Movie: mmm...Mr & Mrs. Smith
People say I look like....: No one has said I look like any celebrity haha
Were you ever in sports?: I played soccer for one year when I was five...thats about it
Back to marriage, when you do get married how do you want your life to be?: I want a husband that will be as supportive of my career as I am of his, one that will have time for me and our kids, I definately want kids in the future, I want our life to be full of love and joy at every moment possible
How do you see love: I see it As something that one should not take granted for, but appreciate
Whats your favorite season: Summer because its warm and living in Pleasantview, you can wear anything
So we hear your from Veronaville, how was it there?: It was nice and comfy, it was home, there is not a lot of drama as there is in Pleasantview though
Where will you be traveling this summer, and for pleasure or job?: Well, I will be going to visit my parents, and I may go to San Diego, but nothing to big, and as for Modeling, I think we may be staying here
What advice would you give to teens wanting to pursue modeling?: Go for it! But remeber to be yourself, stay true to yourself, follow your heart, don't make yourself into something your not, these days, Agencies look for your own personality not a materialistic view

***Extra photos from Anais' shoot will be online at"

-Eyes: Helaene (
-Makeup: Helaene (
-Hair: Helaene (
-Dress: Poison Pink Lemons (PPL) (
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